Monday, January 19, 2009

January Challenge of the Month

Taking stock of life seems to be the requirement at the dawning of each new year.  Taking stock of my sewing “life” is always high on my priority list.  I pulled out some of my UFO’s and gave a lot of thought as to why I have so many.  It is hard to admit that my biggest reasons for having so many UFO’s is perfectionism and fear.  I get stuck on a project and instead of working through the problem, I just put it away.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Here are a few of my UFO’s:DSC02874

Perfectionism and fear are taking up a lot of space in my sewing room!  I have organized the projects into three categories:  projects that I don’t love anymore (I look at some of them and wonder, “What was I thinking?!”), kits that need to be finished, and projects that need a solution.  I do not think that I will never have another UFO as long as I live but, I do think that I can overcome the perfectionism and fear that hampers my creativity.

So why do you have UFO’s?  We all have a reason.

January’s theme is:  Conquering the UFO!

Email photos of your finished UFO’s to me.  You can enter the COTM as many times as you like.

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