Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Ideas

If you need a last minute idea for a quick Christmas outfit, here are a couple:

Old Fashioned Baby's Sweet & Simple Daygown pattern is a perfect pattern for a winter daygown. You can make a snuggly, Christmas daygown with Swiss Flannel and embroider a simple design with Floche. For this design, I chose modern Christmas shades of red and green instead of traditional shades. Sweet & Simple Daygown includes a long sleeve and embroidery designs. DMC Floche colors shown are 899pink and 955green. We are offering this discounted kit for a limited time:

Kit includes:
OFB Sweet & Simple Daygowns
1 yd. White Swiss Flannel
2 skeins Floche
5 MOP Buttons

Cost with pattern: $33.85
Cost without pattern: $25.20

Toddler Smocked Apron is one of my all time favorite patterns. TSA is a classic, versatile pattern. It is sweet with little bloomers or long pantaloons peeking out. This is a quickie since it can only accommodate one smocked figure. Santa would be really cute peeking from beneath the collar or the Christmas tree with all of its gaily wrapped gifts. This discounted kit is available for a limited time:

Kit includes:
Collar's Etc. Toddler Smocked Apron
1 2/3 yd. Jockey Green Broadcloth, 45 inch
Mr. and Mrs. S. Clause by Lou Anne Lamar
3 skeins DMC - 321, blanc, 699
1/2 yd. off white ribbon
1/2 yd. red ribbon

Cost with pattern: $19.15

Cost without pattern:$9.55

Kits are available until December 10 and are listed under Kits and New Items.

December is my favorite month of the year. Celebrating Christ for a month is one of the best experiences I can give my children. Aaron has never wanted to hang lights outside but the children and I persisted until he gave in :). We also decorated our Christmas tree and are now working on Christmas presents. I try to give as many handmade presents as humanly possible. Of course, I over plan since I think I am SUPERMOM lol. Abby received an American Girl for her birthday in October so she is crocheting Mia an afghan for Christmas. She also wants to sew for Mia so we have started our sewing lessons. I will start making Creamy Pecan Pralines this weekend. CPP is my MIL's recipe and a cajun favorite around here. I give lots of them for Christmas and start making them early as they keep forever in a sealed container. Since my customers are such wonderful people, I will share the family recipe next week. What are your Christmas traditions?

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