Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Handmade Christmas

As I mentioned before, Abby received the American Girl of the Year, Mia, for her birthday. She had a Christmas list a mile long and 99% of it was things for Mia. Aaron and I decided that he would make Mia a bed and I would make a quilt and mattress.
Yes, that is red velvet on the headboard!

A friend of the family researched antique beds and replicated his findings.

I absolutely LOVE the fleur de lis cutouts. This bed is pure Louisiana History!

I used a variation of the basic pinwheel pattern for the quilt. The pattern that I used had the pinwheels but a secondary pattern of diamonds emerged after joining the blocks. You can find it here along with tons of other free quilt block patterns. Some of the fabrics were from my stash and some of them were from the shop. Abby loved it! Now I have to make a matching quilt for her bed........

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